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All Risks of Mortality

Full coverage in the event of death as a result of accident, injury, illness or disease for stallions, broodmares, horses in training, yearlings and foals. Also including cover for transits, theft and mysterious disappearance and cover from Fall of Hammer.

Stallion Infertility

First Season Congenital and/or Permanent Infertility (due to accident, sickness or disease) for current or future breeding stallions.

Prospective Foal

Provides coverage for financial loss in the event that a foal in utero dies before the expiry of the policy.

Broodmare Barrenness

Provides indemnity if the insured mare is not tested in foal as at the 1st October, or the foal in utero is not alive at the expiry of the policy.

Unsoundness of Wind

Insurance for foals that, during the following year, are sold at public auction, but subsequently returned due to wind problems.

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